Invasive procedures or harsh chemicals.

DermaCrest is K-Beauty's ground-breaking combination of Traditional Authentic Gua Sha, ALL NATURAL White Jade Stone, Red Light, Massage, and Heat Therapy.


"Gua Sha" meaning "Scraping" & "Lifting" of skin, is an ancient tradition for healing and rejuvenating parts of the body.


By using a specially designed, mineral-rich stone to gently scrape the facial skin, it seeks to Promote: LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE (REDUCING PUFFINESS & SWELLING), ENHANCE CIRCULATION, AND ENCOURAGE SKIN REJUVINATION.


Gua Sha offers a proven technique to enhance complexion, skin vitality, and YOUNGER LOOKING SKIN.


DermaCrest is rated THE BEST ALL-IN-ONE Electric Gua Sha device for ease of use, comfort and features.


TIGHTEN Skin, Reduce Fine Lines & Wrinkles, Increase product absorption, and get more YOUTHFUL looking skin through Electric Gua Sha!



    Red light therapy, is proven to:
    -improve skin health with increased collagen production
    -reduce scaring and acne
    -accelerate healing of wounds
    -muscle recovery

    3 Levels of Thermotherapy (Heat Therapy) via the Jade Stone are known for:
    -increasing blood flow
    -muscle relaxation
    -improved movement and flexibility
    -reduction in muscle stiffness or spasms

    Vibration, or Wave-Therapy is known for:
    -Improved muscle strength and endurance
    -enhanced circulation
    -enhanced lymphatic drainage
    -stress reduction
    -pain relief

    A natural White Jade stone used in ancient healing with benefits of:
    -pain relief
    -natural minerals
    -promotion of better sleep
    -improved skin health
    -increased energy and blood flow
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  • Gerry C.

    "The build quality of this GuaSha is so impressive. It blew my expecations out of the water. This thing is solid as a rock and feels so great in the hand. Love the stone too."
  • Nicole T.

    "Even as a Guasha expert, this product advanced my practice. The added features of massage, red light therapy and the warming of the stone make this a no brainer - HIGHLY HIGHLY recommended"
  • Sushma S.

    "I can't believe how easy this is to use! The battery life is amazing, it charges so fast, and it literally fits in your pocket. You'll be addicted, I promise!"
  • Varuna R.

    "GuaSha really helps with appearence of fine lines and skin discoloration. I've had issues with discoloration, and I would say this product has made it about 85% better in just over 2 months. Make this a part of your daily routine. You won't regret it"
  • Tiffany D.

    "I've had years of neck pain and was recommended GuaSha stones. I came by this product and didn't have high expectations, but WOW has this impressed. I don't use the vibration, but the heat from this stone is amazing. Great Great Great product"
  • Helen S.

    "Use this with your favorite serum or lotion. The feeling of the stone gliding over your skin will have you convinced you're at a spa. This Jade Stone feels amazing! Highly recommended."
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